Privacy Policy

This agreement is between you ("You" or "Your" in this agreement) and Caddy Wallet.


1.Caddy Wallet Services

Caddy Wallet has created a Wallet software that enables users to access, send and receive virtual currencies, tokens, and cryptocurrencies, collectively, referred to as “Digital Assets”.  You should only use Caddy Wallet if you are familiar with Digital Assets, and the risks involved.

2.Obligations of the User

2.1.You hereby accept that ‘You’ are:

  • of eighteen years of age or the permitted age to engage to enter into this agreement.
  • permitted in your country of permanent residence to render such services.
  • responsible for keeping your password, pin, email ID and other login credentials secure and private at all times for all devices.
  • responsible for your own Digital Assets; and,
    responsible for ensuring that Your device(s) are fully updated, with anti-virus software installed and that they do not contain viruses, malware or otherwise malicious software.


2.2.You hereby promise not to:

  • use any software or program in a manner likely to interfere with Caddy Wallet services, users or servers (e.g. excessive API calls or network spam)
  • use Caddy Wallet for any purpose which goes against the laws of your jurisdiction, which is illegal, criminal or in support of any terrorist or malicious act.
  • use Caddy Wallet for money laundering, fraudulent transactions or in support of any terrorist or malicious act.

3.Caddy Wallet Obligations

3.1.Caddy Wallet shall hereby:

  • recognize the significance of protecting the user’s information to the best of its abilities and understanding.
  • protect the privacy and confidentiality of user’s data collected during registration, and usage of the Caddy Wallet services, including email address, virtual currency address, mobile phone number, alias, password, pin, and any other information shared by the user.

4.Information Collected

4.1Information Which May Be Collected By Caddy Wallet

  • Logs including but not limited to, the access times, pages viewed, browser used, IP used, duration spent.
  • Device type used to access the app, including but not limited to, the operating system and version, mobile network information.
  • Wallet address including but not limited to the encrypted public key.

4.2.Information may be collected from or by other third-party services (eg. ZOHO Desk), as determined by their own third-party privacy policy.

5.Cookies Policy

Caddy Wallet may use ‘cookies’ from time to time to analyse and personalize your user experience. Cookies enable us to identify your use of the site, helping us identify ways to improve your user experience. Your browser may notify you before accepting cookies, and you may disable cookies in your browser, however this may affect the website performance and user experience.

6.Personal Data Disclosure

6.1.Caddy Wallet shall not disclose your personal data to any third-party without your prior consent. Your personal data may be collect for understanding your preferences, service enhancements and developments, legal requirements.

6.2.Personal Data may be collected, stored or processed by third-party service providers (eg. ZOHO Desk) to perform functions on our behalf, as determined by their own third-party privacy policy.

7.Personal Data Security

7.1.Caddy Wallet shall strive to protect your personal data with the utmost security measures in place. As your data is being shared with us using the internet, we cannot give any assurance that the means through which your information is being shared with us, is secure, reliable or private.

7.2.Caddy Wallet has taken all the known necessary measures to protect against loss, misuse or manipulation of your personal data, under our control.

7.3. Caddy Wallet may store your personal data beyond the contractual terms but only so far as is necessary for audit, legal or accounting purposes.

7.4. Caddy Wallet will take proper precaution in removing your personal data after it’s no longer required and will delete, destroy or convert to an anonymous format. However, Caddy Wallet reserves the right to maintain your personal data as part of our normal back up procedures.

8.Personal Data Storage

Caddy Wallet will store your personal data in accordance with data protection norms and will ensure appropriate security measures are in place to safeguard confidentiality and data integrity.

9.Consent Withdrawal

Except as required or enabled by law, including for the avoidance of doubt, we will not use or disclose your personal data for any purpose for which you have refused consent or later withdrawn your consent. If you choose to withdraw consent, you hereby acknowledge that in spite of this withdrawal, Caddy Wallet may continue to use your personal data previously shared with us to the extent that we are contractually or otherwise legally obliged to do so and to the extent necessary to enforce any contractual obligation you may have towards Caddy Wallet, or in any other way permitted by law. If you choose to withdraw consent, Caddy Wallet may no longer be able to provide some or any of its services and shall not be held liable for any loss of any sort which arises as a result of these services no longer being rendered to you.

10.Policy Acceptance

By using this site, you hereby signify your agreement to this policy. Caddy Wallet reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Any changes which occur will be posted on the site to keep you notified at all times of any changes in the policy.